Raphael Loewe

Object 1. Letter from Raphael, to his father, Herbert, Hanukah, Dec. 8th [year ?]

Object 2. Raphael's first Hebrew exercise book, 26th November 1923 - 27th July 1924

Object 3. Raphael's secondary school notebook

Object 4. Photograph of Raphael, Michael and Ethel

Object 5. "Last winter a Polaris Rose I planted ...", September 1988

Object 6. Translator's workshop - "Adon Olam", 1962

Object 7. Orientalist Congress in Cambridge, at King's College, August 1954

Object 8. Society for Old Testament Studies - menu card, 22 July 1981

Object 9. Leaver’s certificate for St. Paul’s School, London, 2003

Object 10. Correspondence with Margaret Thatcher, 1979

Object 11. Education - letter to Margaret Thatcher, 1970-73

Object 12. Arab student program, 1967-68

Object 13. Clifford's Tower memorial plaque, 1978

Object 14. Bevis Marks Synagogue 300th Anniversary, 2002

Object 15. Seven Heavens

Herbert Loewe

Object 1. Herbert Loewe's two school notebooks, before 1901 [?]

Object 2. Herbert Loewe’s certificate from Queens’ College, 1914

Object 3. Anglo-Jewish Association, Cambridge Branch,
Annual Meeting and Supper, 1911

Object 4. Ethel Victoria Loewe’s account of her journey to India, 1916

Object 5. The Inception and Formation of the Jewish War Services Committee in India, booklet, 1918

Object 6. Israel Abrahams’ letter of recommendation, 7 April 1914

Object 7. Herbert Loewe’s letter to the rector of Exeter College, Oxford, 18 April 1914

Object 8. Matriculation certificate, Exeter College, Oxford, 26 November 1914

Object 9. Letter from Herbert to Basil Henriques (1890-1961), 3 November 1915

Object 10. “Judaism and Christianity” in The Promise, July 1925

Object 11. Herbert's sermon on Yom Kippur, Bevis Marks, 22 September 1939

Object 12. Herbert Loewe Memorial Library, Cambridge, 1956

Object 13. "The search for eternal truth" - poem, 1940

Object 14. Herbert and Lionel Loewe, ca. 1905/1906

Object 15. Dinner at the Adler Society, Oxford, 1930

Object 16. Members of the Oxford Jewish Congregation signing the chirograph for the reception of two Torah scrolls from the Canterbury Jewish Congregation, 22 June 1931, Oxford

James Loewe

Object 1. James Loewe's School Maths Book, 1870

Object 2. James Loewe's School Maths Book no. 2, c. 1870

Object 3. Photograph of James as a young man

Object 4. James and his wife Emma Immerwahr

Object 5. Photograph of James and his wife Emma at the Oxford and St. George's Jewish Youth Club Summer Camp

Object 6. Photograph of James and Emma's children, Lionel and Rose Louise Loewe

Object 7. James Loewe's application to become Director of the Jewish Colonial Trust, 16 September 1898

Object 8. Jewish Colonial Trust - Actual Shares Certificate, 1 October 1918

Object 9. Jewish Colonial Trust - James Loewe's commemorative stamps, 1999

Object 10. James' "Rashi" on the Pentateuch: Genesis, 1928

Object 11. James' Emma Immerwahr and grandson David Loewe, 1930s

Object 12. Psalm 121 and note to Basil Henriques, First World War

Object 13. Lowe's Near Eastern and Far Eastern Calendars, 1935

Object 14. Lowe's Jewish Essentials, 1937

Object 15. James and Emma's gravestone photograph, 1944


Louis Loewe

Object 1. Letter from Louis Loewe's mother, Gittel Ha-Levi, Zülz, circa 1830

Object 2. Letter from Louis Loewe to his Sisters, London, 10 September 1839

Object 3. A wedding ode printed on silk, Paris, 13 March 1844

Object 4. A discourse Loewe delivered on the day of the funeral of H.R.H. Prince Augustus Frederick, Duke of Sussex, Bevis Marks Synagogue, London, 4 May 1843

Object 5. Louis Loewe's notebook - Nubian vocabulary, c. late 1830s - early 1840s

Object 6. A Dictionary of the Circassian Language, Brighton, 1854

Object 7. Observations on a unique cufic gold coin, London, 1849

Object 8. The Damascus Affair - Diary of Louis Loewe, Damascus, 1840

Object 9. Éfés dammîm : a series of conversations at Jerusalem between a patriarch of the Greek church and a chief rabbi of the Jews, concerning the malicious charge against the Jews of using Christian blood, London, 1841

Object 10. Hand-drawn maps of Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland, and of Europian Russia / created for Sir Moses Montefiore by Louis Loewe, 21 Nov. 5603, 1842

Object 11. Catalogues of the Books, Manuscripts, Periodicals, etc. in the Library of the College Ohel Moshe Ve-Yehudit, most likely late 1870s - early 1880s

Object 12. Louis Loewe painted by Michael Angelo Pittatore, 1871

Object 13. Louis Loewe's Certificate of Naturalization, 2nd July 1862

Object 14. Young Louis Loewe and the "Loewes of London"