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Object 4. Ethel Victoria Loewe’s account of her journey to India




In January 1916, Herbert’s wife, Ethel Victoria Hyamson (1887-1946), whom he married just before his departure, followed him to India. Their first son, Raphael James Loewe was born in Calcutta in 1919. The item on exhibit is a hand-written account by Ethel relating her “memories and impressions” of her voyage to India and her reunion with her husband:

“We actually dropped anchor at 4 o’clock on Saturday afternoon the 14th Feb. exactly one month from the date of sailing. Thanks to my friend we had no bother at all at the customs, […] I have since learnt the magic power of bakshish, but at the time shouldn’t keep marveling that we got through the formalities so quickly. Most of the ladies – in fact I think all except we two – were met by their husbands. As the tender neared the shore, we could see a row of husbands, waving to a row of wives. Candidly, I was very jealous that mine wasn’t there too and it was a long time before I forgave that colonel for keeping my man back. Well, here we were at last on Indian soil, surrounded by a crowd of half-naked coolies, all talking at once and offering to all but carry one…. ” (pp. 51-53)

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  • Ethel's diary

    Credits: Leopold Muller Memorial Library, Raphael Loewe Pamphlets Collection, shelfmark: Travel I,8