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Object 10. “Judaism and Christianity” in The Promise

July 1925



Herbert Loewe maintained good relations with Christian theologians and scholars in general. In the summer of 1925, he gave a speech at the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of England on the necessity for both Christians and Jews of understanding and respecting each other's religion. His address was published in The Promise, the quarterly of the Jewish Mission Committee of the Presbyterian Church of England with a short introduction praising Herbert Loewe’s virtues.

Citation from the introduction:
“The occasion was most notable, as perhaps the first time that a Christian gathering, such as the Assembly, had been addressed by a representative of the Jewish faith….. Many who were present felt that something good and wonderful was happening…”

Citation from HL’s speech:
“Personally, I am convinced that our partnership in the fight against oppression and injustice, and race-hatred, never can be successful, and our efforts never can be blessed until we learn to respect the standpoint of each other. …”

Credits: Leopold Muller Memorial Library, Raphael Loewe Pamphlets Collection, shelfmark: Jewish-Christian relations, I; 3