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Object 5. The Inception and Formation of the Jewish War Services Committee in India, booklet




Herbert moved to Oxford in autumn 1914, but a year later, in November 1915 he left for military service in India. Since his physical condition did not allow him to serve at the frontline, Herbert was working as an inspector of the Army Clothing Factory in Calcutta. During his military service, he devoted time to help the Reverend E.M.D. Cohen, senior minister of the Magen David Synagogue, organize religious life for Jewish soldiers. At the end of 1917, the Reverend interceded with Lieutenant-colonel Shairp on Herbert’s behalf and as a result, Herbert was appointed Supervising Officer for Jewish Soldiers in India. The booklet on display contains correspondence between Reverend Cohen, Herbert Loewe and various commanders about the welfare of Jewish soldiers in India.

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Credits: Leopold Muller Memorial Library, Raphael Loewe Pamphlets Collection, shelfmark: Anglo-Jewish I, 17