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Object 10. Hand-drawn maps of Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland, and of Europian [sic] Russia / created for Sir Moses Montefiore by Louis Loewe

21 Nov. 5603, 1842


Loewe and Montefiore formed a lifelong friendship, and their unique combination of skills and influences made them ideal partners in international activities. The two travelled widely and spoke up in defense of Jewish communities in various locations, promoting emancipation and equal rights. Among their humanitarian missions were two to Eastern Europe and Russia, in 1846 and 1872; on both occasions they approached Russian officials via diplomatic and personal channels, and Louis Loewe's knowledge of languages and cultures, as well as his academic standing, proved of great value to Sir Moses.

The exhibited map was hand-drawn by Louis Loewe in 1842; it encompasses the territories of Western and Eastern Europe, through which Montefiore and Loewe travelled on their missions to the East, with main roads marked in blue.

Credits: Leopold Muller Memorial Library, Sir Moses Montefiore Archive, shelfmark: MontA Un07.