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About the Exhibition

The digital exhibition shows selected items illustrating Rabbi Dr Louis Jacobs' life and thought. It was accompanied by a physical exhibition at the Leopold Muller Memorial Library, open from January until October 2013.


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About Rabbi Dr Louis Jacobs

Rabbi Dr Louis Jacobs (1920-2006) was born in Manchester, to Yiddish speaking parents who originated from Latvia and Lithuania. His background was traditional rather than strictly Orthodox. He was trained to read Jewish texts as a child, leaving school at 15 to enrol full time at the Manchester Yeshiva. He moved in his late teens to the Kollel in Gateshead where he met Shula Lisagorska, to whom he was married for over 60 years. Jacobs became assistant Rabbi to Rabbi Eliyahu Munk in Golders Green Beth Hamidrash, at the same time studying Semitics at University College London, obtaining a BA and, in 1952, a PhD.

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Jewish Status: Conversion and Marriage

In the personal archives of Louis Jacobs and amongst the published articles from the ‘Ask the Rabbi’ column, there are several examples of people seeking clarification as to their status or that of their children (H, 35, H,29). There are also examples of these in the Jewish press. In Jacobs' theology there are beliefs which he shares with the Orthodox movement, for example Louis Jacobs argues that a cohen cannot marry a divorcee, however Jacobs would bless others re-marrying after divorce (G, 99).

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