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Welcome to the Online Exhibition

The online exhibition shows highlights of the Western Hebrew Library, a collection of over 1300 items dated from 15th to 20th century, deposited on loan with the Leopold Muller Memorial Library in 2013. The exhibition allows the viewers to peer through a window into the "world of printed words" of Samuel Montagu and his contemporaries.

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Samuel Montagu (1832-1911)
Image courtesy of Sarah Montagu



This website is accompanied by a physical exhibition at the Leopold Muller Memorial Library, open from 6th of April until 30th of June 2014.









The Leopold Muller Memorial Library is grateful for their invaluable help to:

Mr. John Bodie

The Honourable Nicole Campbell

Mr. Laurence Lando

Mr. Martin Lewin

Mr. Jeremy Montagu

Ninette Montagu, the Dowager Lady Swaythling

Rabbi Rachel Montagu

Ms. Sarah Montagu

The New West End Synagogue Board of Management

Dr. Jeremy Schonfield

Mr. Harry Sieratzki



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Co-Curator: César Merchán-Hamann

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