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Visiting Fellowships

Throughout the four decades of its existence, the Centre has enabled many dozens of Visiting Fellows from around the world to pursue research in all areas of Jewish history, literature, language, and thought. In recent years, applications have been welcomed from those working within the scope of specific research projects.

Library facilities include the Leopold Muller Memorial Library and the Bodleian Library in Oxford.




The Mishnah between Christians and Jews
in early modern Europe

This Seminar will bring together an international team of scholars to interpret the significance of Wilhelmus Surenhusius’ Mishnah edition in the light of two centuries of study of the Mishnah by Christians and Jews.

Project Leaders:

Joanna Weinberg (Professor Emerita Oriental Studies, University of Oxford)
Piet van Boxel (Emeritus Fellow, Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies)

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NEW Deadline for applications: 15 January 2018