Public Talks available from Fellows

Permanent and visiting fellows of the Centre frequently give talks to the wider public in their areas of expertise.

To arrange a talk by one of the Fellows for your organisation please contact Sue Forteath < > with as many details as possible of your preferred topic, date and location.
Dr Miri Freud-Kandel
The British Chief Rabbinate – A Model for Leadership or Decline?
Torah im Derekh Eretz vs Torah u’Madda – Modern Orthodox Judaism Today
Orthodoxy, Theology, Mesorah, and the Web
The Jacobs Affair in Hindsight – Fifty years since the founding of the New London Synagogue
Approaches to Revelation
Judaism and Gender
Professor Martin Goodman
Jews and Romans
The destruction of the Jerusalem Temple: causes and significance
Variety within Judaism
Writing a history of Judaism
Dr Sara Hirschhorn
The Israeli settler movement
The Arab-Israeli conflict
Contemporary Israeli politics
American/Diaspora Jewish relations and Israel
Dr Adriana X Jacobs
Israeli Poetry in Wartime
Israeli literature in English translation
Israel Literature in English
Yehuda Amichai
Leah Goldberg
Hebrew and Jewish translation
Contemporary Israeli Poetry
Professor Jan Joosten
Text discoveries in the Judaean Desert (Qumran)
The translation of the Bible

Dr César Merchán Hamann
Menasseh ben Israel
The Bodleian Judaica Collections
Professor David Rechter
European Jewry and the First World War
The Jewish Question and Jewish Politics in Pre-Holocaust Europe
The Jews of the Habsburg Empire.
Professor Alison Salvesen
Jewish learning in St Jerome’s Latin Vulgate
From parchment scrolls to bible apps: how Hebrew Scriptures made it to the modern age
“Thou Shalt Not”: what early Christians did with the Jewish Ten Commandments.
Dr Jeremy Schonfield
The ‘argument’ of the daily liturgy
Undercurrents of the Shema, Amidah and Torah reading.
Solomon Ibn Gabirol and prayer