Professor Martin Goodman

MA DPhil Oxf; FBA

Fellow in Jewish History in the Graeco-Roman Period; Professor of Jewish Studies, University of Oxford; Professorial Fellow, Wolfson College, Oxford. Special Interests: Jewish history of the Second Temple and Talmudic periods. Professor Martin Goodman, was appointed President of the Centre from 30 June 2014. Professor Goodman has served as Professor of Jewish Studies in the University of Oxford since 1991 and has been a Fellow of the Centre since 1986.     Home page   


Adriana Jacobs

Professor Adriana X Jacobs

BA (William and Mary), PhD (Princeton)

Fellow in Modern Hebrew Literature; Cowley Lecturer in Modern Hebrew Literature, University of Oxford; Fellow, St Cross College, Oxford. Modern Hebrew Literature Home page


Professor Alison Salvesen

MA DPhil Oxf

Polonsky Fellow in Early Judaism and Christianity; Professor of Early Judaism and Christianity, University of Oxford; Tutor in Oriental Studies, Mansfield College. Early Jewish and Christian translation and interpretation of scripture; Jewish Aramaic - Talmud, Targum Jewish Greek - Septuagint and Minor Versions Home page


Dr César Merchán-Hamann

BSc Universidad de los Andes MA, PhD Lond

Fellow Librarian/ Director of the Leopold Muller Memorial Library Curator of Hebraica and Judaica at the Bodleian


Professor David Rechter

BA (Hons) MA (Hons) Melbourne, PhD Heb Univ Jerusalem

Ricardo Fellow in Modern Jewish History; Professor of Modern Jewish History, University of Oxford; Research Fellow in Modern Jewish History, St. Antony's College Modern Jewish History, particularly Habsburg Empire. Home page


Professor Jan Joosten

PhD (Jerusalem), ThD (Brussels), HDR (Strasbourg)

Regius Professor of Hebrew, Student of Christ Church   Home page


Dr Jeremy Schonfield

BA Hons East Ang, PhD Camb

Mason Lecturer and Supernumerary Fellow; Rabbi John D Rayner Reader in Liturgy, Leo Baeck College.   Literary-critical approaches to the Liturgy      


Dr John Screnock

PhD, University of Toronto

Junior Research Fellow OCHJS and Kennicott Fellow in Hebrew, University of Oxford.

Research Interests: Ancient Hebrew, the development of texts in Jewish antiquity, Dead Sea Scrolls, Septuagint   Home page


Dr Miri Freud-Kandel

MA PhD Camb

Fellow in Modern Judaism Modern Jewish Theology Home page


Dr Sara Hirschhorn

BA (Hons) (Yale), MA PhD (Chicago)

Sidney Brichto Fellow in Israel Studies; University Research Lecturer, in Israel Studies, University of Oxford; Junior Research Fellow, Wolfson College Modern Israeli and Middle East History Home page              


Professor Yaacov Yadgar

BA, PhD (Bar-Ilan University)

Stanley Lewis Professor of Israel Studies at Oxford and Fellow of St Anne's College. Professor Yadgar’s research interests include Jewish identity, religion, politics, and secularism.   Home page