Current Graduate students working in
Hebrew and Jewish Studies


Matthew Albanese
(Wolfson College)
Degree: DPhil
Thesis: Translation Technique of Old Greek Isaiah 13:1-14:23;
Style, Culture and Literary Structure


Emma Davis
(St Peter’s College)
Degree: MSt in Jewish Studies
Thesis: Brit Shalom and the Bi-National Idea in
Pre-State Israel/Palestine


Eva Haude
(Wadham College)
Degree: MSt in Yiddish Studies
Thesis: Sholem-Aleykhem’s מאָטעל פּייסי דעם חזנ’ס
and Franz Kafka’s “The man who disappeared”


Daniel Herskowitz
(Wolfson College)
Degree: DPhil in Theology and Religion
Thesis: Which God will save us?
Jewish receptions of Martin Heidigger’s philosophy


Nancy Ko
(Magdalen College)
Degree: MPhil in Modern Middle Eastern Studies
Thesis: The Alliance Israélite Universelle and the Political
Formation of Class in Constitutional-Era Iran,1905-1911

Jeremy Lieberman
(Lady Margaret Hall)
Degree: MSt in Jewish Studies
Thesis: The role of external pressures in the
development of Hippos-Sussita’s cultural identity


Clara Carbonell Ortiz (Wolfson College) 
Degree: MSt in Classical Hebrew
Thesis: Hebrew linguistics from a gender perspective. Focusing on the analysis of lexical data in the Hebrew Bible, Clara studies how female sexuality in its broadest sense was thought and portrayed.


Vladimir Olivero
(Wolfson College)
Degree: DPhil in Oriental Studies
Thesis: Historical Linguistics and Textual Criticism of the
Book(s) of Kings, with a special focus on the concluding
chapters of 2 Kings


Angelina Palmen (Wolfson College)
Degree: DPhil in Oriental Studies (Modern Jewish History)
Thesis: The potentially ’emancipatory’ effects of the Great War on Jewish women’s lives through the prism of wartime German labour history. The aim is to elucidate the nature of any qualitative and quantitative changes the war catalysed in the working lives of Jewish women in Germany, and interrogates the role of different segments of German-Jewish society, including ready-to-wear clothiers and Jewish members of the German women’s movement in shaping these women’s experiences and career choices.

Ursula Westwood (Wolfson College)
Degree: DPhil in Ancient History
Thesis: Rewriting ancient history: Josephus’ Moses (AJ 1-1V) in the light of Plutarch’s founders and lawgivers