2 to 9 July 2018

Perspectives from the Study of
Comparative Religion and Transnationalism

Academic study of Judaism has been enriched considerably through intensified focus on the role of gender identity, and the introduction of gender as a category of analysis. Every subfield in Jewish Studies has grown in new ways and developed fresh questions by deploying gender as both a vital area of research and as a valuable interpretive lens for examining and reconsidering their primary materials. A rich body of scholarship has also been produced over the last few decades regarding gender and religion in Christianity, Islam, and Eastern religions. One goal of our gathering this year is to explore how these resources can be utilized by specialists in Jewish Studies for comparative purposes.

An additional analytical framework that has gained traction in scholarly discourse is that of transnationalism. The increasingly globalized nature of the contemporary world has inspired scholars to rethink the role of geography, political structure, migration, transportation, and communication in the formation of ideas and identities. It is our goal further to explore how this vantage point can usefully be employed in academic research on gender and Judaism.

The aim of the OSI-MCJ 2018, then, is to enrich and diversify the study of gender and Judaism by addressing it through comparative tools, specifically in relation to other religions, and to transnational trends and perspectives. To this end, we will bring a diverse, international group of scholars together with a particular focus on examining the different ways that gender informs Jewish discourses and practices in a variety of geographic and religious contexts. While the main focus will be on modern and contemporary forms of Jewish thought and expression, pre-modern examples will also be introduced to enrich the conversation.

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