Oxford Centre for Hebrew and Jewish Studies in collaboration with the Berman Center, Lehigh University

Oxford Summer Institute on Modern and Contemporary Judaism:
Modern Judaism, Technology, and Authority: Historical, Social Scientific and Theological Perspectives

 3 July to 10 July 2017

The Oxford Summer Institute on Modern and Contemporary Judaism (OSI-MCJ) is an advanced academic seminar that is intended to raise innovative and challenging perspectives that have the potential to influence broader thinking about contemporary Judaism. A combination of outstanding senior scholars of Jewish religion and culture from around the globe join with a select group of early career European Jewish Studies scholars for eight days of rigorous study and intellectual exchange.

The fourth annual OSI-MCJ will address: ‘Modern Judaism, Technology, and Authority: Historical, Social Scientific and Theological Perspectives.’
This seminar will be dedicated to exploring the multiple ways in which modern and contemporary Jewish life, thought, and practice have responded to a broad range of innovations. The multi- and inter-disciplinary approach of the seminar is designed to bring into conversation distinctive fields of study and attract a diverse range of specialists. Full description here

Oxford Summer Institutes involve a period of intense study in the setting of an advanced seminar. To join a core group of twelve senior scholars of Jewish religion and culture, the Centre now invites applications from a further eight European scholars in the field at an early stage in their career (i.e. scholars who are about to complete a doctorate or have completed a doctorate since December 2012). Up to eight European scholars will be selected to join the 2017 OSI. The Centre will cover travel and accommodation costs.

The closing date for applications has now passed.