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Visiting Fellows

Throughout the four decades of its existence, the Centre has enabled many dozens of scholars from around the world to pursue research in all areas of Jewish history, literature, language, and thought. In recent years, applications have been welcomed from those working within the scope of specific research projects.

Library facilities include the Leopold Muller Memorial Library and the Bodleian Library in Oxford.




Future OSAJS project (2014-15) is:

Jewish Books in Amsterdam 1600-1850: Authors, Producers, Readers and the Construction of Jewish Worlds
(January to June 2015)

Project Leaders:
Professor Shlomo Berger, University of Amsterdam and
Dr César Merchán-Hamann, OCHJS/Bodleian Library

Current OSAJS projects (2013-14) are outlined below.

(For details of earlier projects please see Previous Research projects.)


The Reception of Josephus
in the Early Modern Period

(January to June 2014)


This Oxford Seminar in Advanced Jewish Studies will investigate the varied uses of the writings of Flavius Josephus in Jewish and Christian literature in the early modern period.

Project Leaders:
Dr Joanna Weinberg, OCHJS and University of Oxford
Prof Martin Goodman, OCHJS and University of Oxford

Core Participants:

Prof Jonathan Elukin, Trinity College, Hartford
Prof Mordechai Feingold, California Institute of Technology
Prof Anthony Grafton, Princeton University
Scott Mandelbrote, Peterhouse, University of Cambridge
Prof Tessa Rajak, University of Oxford and University of Reading
Prof Walter Stephens, Johns Hopkins University

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On the Word of a Jew:
Oaths, Testimonies, and the Nature of Trust


(October 2013 to March 2014)

This Oxford Seminar in Advanced Jewish Studies seminar will examine when and how Jews became reliable or trustworthy in the realm of the law—as witnesses, but also as lawyers and judges– and in a host of other realms, including medicine, politics, academia, culture (particularly the art world), and business and finance. We will focus on traditionally Christian countries or empires, but also welcome participants whose interest is primarily the status of Jews under Muslim rule. The question of Jews and trust is more generally a question of Christian (or Muslim) transformation over time. Thus, this seminar provides an opportunity to explore how “the Jew” serves as a spur or impulse to large-scale changes in mentalities and practices, and to explain how this occurred within specific institutional settings: from the pre-modern world of theology and exegesis, to modern institutions like law courts, hospitals, universities, parliaments, businesses, cultural institutions such museums, galleries, and auction houses.

Project Leaders:
Prof Mitchell Hart, University of Florida
Prof Nina Caputo, University of Florida

Core Participants:
Prof Todd Endelman, University of Michigan
Prof Sara Lipton, State University of New York, Stony Brook
Prof Ronald Schechter, College of William and Mary

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