Current/Forthcoming Research Projects

Oxford Seminars in Advanced Jewish Studies

Project 4: Jewish Books in Amsterdam 1600-1850: Authors, Producers, Readers and the Construction of Jewish Worlds (January to June 2015)

Project leaders:
Professor Shlomo Berger (University of Amsterdam)
Dr César Merchán-Hamann (University of Oxford)

Amsterdam was the centre of Jewish printing in Europe from 1650-1800. While printers in the city served the demands of a local Jewish book market they also printed Jewish books written outside the Netherlands and later distributed all over Europe. The extensive collection of Amsterdam printed material in Hebrew, Spanish, Portugese, Yiddish and Dutch assembled in the Bodleian and Muller Libraries has not been thoroughly studied before and research into this material is expected to yield significant results for the study of Dutch and European Jewish cultural history in the early modern period. The central question to be tackled in the Seminar will be the role of books in the lives of authors and readers, highlighting the texts which were significant for Jewish readers as well as the books which are important for study of Jewish cultural and intellectual history in this period.
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