Current/Forthcoming Research Projects



Project 5: Israel in Egypt/Egypt in Israel:
 the land of Egypt as concept and reality for Jews in Antiquity and the early medieval period.
(January to June 2016)

This Oxford Seminar in Advanced Jewish Studies will address a number of questions about identity and belonging among Egyptian Jews over the course of one and a half millennia.

Project Leaders:
Prof. Alison Salvesen (OCHJS and University of Oxford)
Prof. Sarah Pearce (University of Southampton)

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Project 6: Jews, Liberalism, Anti-Semitism:
the Dialectics of Inclusion (1780-1950)
(October 2016 to March 2017)

This Oxford Seminar will examine the place of Jews in the liberal political culture of Europe and the United States of America from the first period of emancipation to the birth of the State of Israel and the postwar struggles for human rights in which Jewish activists played a prominent role. In particular, the Seminar will explore the tension between the key role of Jews in constituting liberal political culture in a wide variety of contexts, and the limits and constraints imposed on Jewish political activity by the rise of modern Anti-Semitism, including their tragic climax in the Holocaust seen especially through Jewish reactions to persecutions.

Project Leaders:

Abigail Green (Brasenose College, Oxford)
Simon Levis Sullam (Ca’Foscari University of Venice)

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