Oxford-Tel Aviv Programme in the Study of the Ancient World 


Secular and Sacred Time in the Ancient World

Thursday 5-6.30pm in the Clarendon Institute

Coordinators: Martin Goodman and Teresa Morgan

January 19: Notions of time

Evangeline Kozitza
 ‘The Protevangelium of James on time standing still’
Henry Bowles
‘Zeman and Chronos in the Presocratics and in pre-Islamic Arabic poetry’

January 26: Time and history

Felipe Oliveira
‘Notions of history in Second Temple Judaism
Mateusz Kusio
‘Periodisation of history in Apocalyptic’

February 2: Attitudes to time expressed in artefacts

Aikaterini Vavaliou
‘Sacred time in Byzantine architecture’
Aubrey Young
‘Sacred time in Armenian Church archaeology’

February 9: Distinguishing secular time

Ariel Levine
‘Greek imagery in a secular Levantine setting’
Jaroslaw Kurek
‘Ephrem the Syrian on secular and historical time’

February 16: Jews and sacred time

Macey Shay
‘Halakha and shabbat’
Ursula Westwood
‘Josephus on sacred time and war’

The speakers in the Oxford seminar will participate in a joint workshop with the Departments of Classics, History and Jewish Philosophy to be held in Tel Aviv on March 19-20.