Oxford Seminar in Advanced Jewish Studies
Jews, Liberalism, Anti-Semitism:
The Dialectics of Inclusion (1780-1950)

Convenors: Professor Abigail Green and Professor Simon Levis Sullam

The seminars will be held on Mondays at 11.15am in Lecture Room VII, Brasenose College unless stated otherwise

Week 1: Mon 16 Jan
Pierre Birnbaum
(Université Paris I)                                                                                                           French State Jews: between integration and Anti-Semitism, from the Dreyfus Affair to the  Second World War

Week 2: Thurs 26 Jan  History Faculty, 11.30am
Lisa Leff (American University)
The Panama Affair: Financial scandal, political corruption, and the rise of modern Anti-Semitism
(joint session with the Modern History Seminar)

Week 3: Mon 30 Jan
Malachi Hacohen
(Duke University)
The Jewishness of Cold War Liberalism: Nation state,
Jewish cosmopolitanism and the conundrum of modernity

Week 4: Mon 6 Feb
Jaclyn Granick
(University of Oxford)
The Great War and the origins of Twentieth Century American Jewish Liberal Humanitarianism 

Week 5: Mon 13 Feb
Jonathan Kwan
(University of Nottingham)
Heinrich Jacques 1831-1894: Liberalism, Anti-Semitism and everyday life in Vienna

Week 6: Tues 21 Feb  
Rothermere American Institute, 4pm

Laura Leibman
(Reed College)
The material of race: how emancipation transformed early American Jews
(joint session with the American History Research Seminar)

Week 7: Mon 27 Feb
Lindsay King
‘Our Fair Readers’: Jewish journalists and new inclusivity, Vienna 1837-1848

Week 8: Mon 6 March
David Feldman
(Birkbeck College, London)
Towards an intellectual and political history of the term ‘Anti-Semitism’


This Oxford Seminar will conclude with an International Conference
on 13-14 March at the Clarendon Institute. Download the programme here:  

OSAJS Conference Programme